We live in the digital age when everything is available in our smartphones and laptops. Most of these devices are designed with a clock feature. Despite this, a lot of people are still relying on the dependable watch to give them the time. In this article, we will discuss why wearing the right watch for the occasion is important.

Why You Should Use a Wristwatch

While many individuals read the time through their mobile devices, others continue to make use of wristwatches. Here are some reasons why a wristwatch is beneficial:


Checking the time using a wristwatch is more convenient than having to dig into our pockets or bags for your mobile phones or tablets. Besides, while having a conversation with other people, it would make you look rude having to pull out your mobile phone. Imagine how awkward it would be on your date to constantly check your mobile phone, when a simple glance at your wristwatch can already help you to know the time without much effort.

Long battery life

Imagine how long the average daily battery life of your smartphone or tablet is, compared to your watch. A wristwatch functions using a battery that can last for years, or can be self-powered through motion.


Adding a watch to complete your ensemble is stylish. Some metrosexuals include a wristwatch in their everyday style because it gives them an established kind of look. You can find a wide range of the best men’s watches in the market that can be astonishingly inexpensive yet stylish.

Art on your wrist

A watch symbolizes craftsmanship. It is like wearing a piece of art on your wrist that tells the history of its makers.


It can also be a legendary piece that can be handed down to generations, making it a quintessential treasure.

Searching the Right Watch for A Specific Occasion

With so many wristwatch designs to choose from, how can you know which watch is best for a certain event? Check out these tips to help you decide which watch is most suited for the occasion:

Analog watch or digital watch?

An analog watch has the face of a clock and is considered as a classic design. On the other hand, a digital watch has an LCD display that shows time in the numeric form. Most analog watches are suited for formal events, while digital watches are perfect for everyday wear.

Don’t be too flashy with your watch

Use a watch according to the design that will complement the occasion. For instance, if you are going to a meeting with company executives, it is more appropriate to use a dress watch than a digital watch or a sports watch.

Match the watch with your belt

For starters, it’s good practice to match your watch with your belt. There are interchangeable watch straps that are available in different styles and colors. To be safe, always match black leather straps with a black belt.

In addition, the metal case of your watch should complement the metal accents of your accessories. If your watch has a metal case in gold, you may consider using a belt with a gold buckle.

Complement your shoes with your watch

If you are doubtful on which watch design to use, check the shoes that you are wearing. Generally, using a black leather watch strap is perfect with black shoes. Silver watches match perfectly with black, silver, gray and blue shoes. Gold watches are best with shoes that come in brown, tan, beige, and other earth tone colors.

In deciding which watch to wear, the best tip is to cleverly choose the kind of watch that can go with any kind of occasion. Pick a watch that you can simply change straps to perfectly complement your wardrobe and the occasion.

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-analogue-break-focus-404972/

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