There are many private equity firms and investment funds in existence today. This is because these firms are the driving investors in the overall global economy. Their role is to identify companies that, for whatever reason, are struggling, but could be highly successful. They then come in and invest in them, changing their operational methods, restructuring the organization as a whole, and rebuilding the management team. Once that is completed and the company experiences growth, the private equity firm sells its stake and makes a profit, after which the whole process starts again.

One of the leading global investment companies is 3i, who focus on infrastructure and private equity in mid-market companies. Specialists like Bob Stefanowski, who work for 3i, are charged with finding investment opportunities, focusing specifically on North America and northern Europe. So what does the 3i Group, what do they do, and what investments do they make?

Private Equity

One of the key areas of focus for the 3i Group is private equity. Bob Stefanowski focuses on asset and investment management, ensuring capital returns are made. Typically, they look for investments in companies that have an enterprise value of between 100 and 500 million euros. Their core investment markets, as stated, are North America and northern Europe. Companies that they are interested in focus on business services, industrial services, and consumer services. To date, the company has 47 unquoted assets, as well as five quoted stakes.

Bob Stefanowski, who heads a local team, is charged with identifying new opportunities for investments, looking for businesses that have the potential to grow on the international market. 3i Group is linked to large international networks, while at the same time proactively looking for new potential partnerships. They help to rebuild management teams together with their own recognized business leaders, thereby ensuring businesses can reach their full potential.


34% of the 3i Groups focus is on infrastructure. Here, they aim to generate cash income and capital returns through asset management and investment strategies. They look specifically for mid-market businesses in the economic infrastructure, notably low-risk and greenfield energy projects. Their infrastructure investments focus specifically on Europe and the United Kingdom, as they only at markets that have already been developed.

Specialists like Bob Stefanowski provides advice on where investment opportunities are or originate within the target sector. Once those are identified, they manage third-party capital and other funds in a range of complimentary sectors. This includes other forms of infrastructure and PPP. In so doing, they add greater value, which is a key strategy for private equity investment. Meanwhile, the investment approach that 3i has developed is implemented thanks to their strong investment team, including Bob Stefanowski. They are based in Paris and London, and also have offices all over the globe.

The work done by the 3i Group has made a huge impact on the overall economy. Businesses have been able to not just survive, but also thrive thanks to their work. In so doing, job opportunities and other forms of growth have been created.

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