The majority of people ignore their dental health unless and until they really need it. We eat whatever we want, and we think that brushing will make everything smooth, but it is not the case. Teeth are not the primary victim of bad dental health, but they are actually the last. Things we eat ultimately affect their teeth and gums and then the mouth problems arise. It is important to have a comprehensive dental exam to prevent dental issues. You may not feel or see your dental problems that’s where you need the services of a dentist. Most dental illnesses don’t cause pain or even remain invisible until they reach more complex stages such as oral cancer, cavities and gum disease. Also, there is a notion that dentists are scary. Unlike other dental care offices that mainly focus on resolving problems, Maple Ridge Dentists also focuses on preventing any dental issue. Because all of us are aware of the fact that prevention is better than cure.

Importance of Dental Health

But it is not about taking care of teeth, there could be many other reasons for you to have crooked teeth or any other dental issue. Even if you are taking good care of your gums and teeth at home, still you need to visit a dentist on a regular basis. A regular dental exam will help you in finding the early symptoms of the disease. This way, your dental problem can be controlled within the early stages. To reveal the main issue, a dental cleaning is required. Dental cleaning is a part of a dental exam. A dental exam must be carried out once or twice in the whole year even for people with healthy teeth. However, people with dental issues must have multiple visits to their dentists depending upon the problem.

Well, a dental exam is carried out by a dental hygienist cleaning. A dental hygienist will do the cleaning of teeth with the help of some cleaning material.

A dental exam generally includes the following things:

It will do the evaluation of oral hygiene and overall dental health.

A dental exam will help with the right access to fluoride

It will do the evaluation of risk related to tooth decay, gum disease and root decay based on current circumstances.

It will help with the identification of the need for tooth replacement or tooth restoration

Removal of any deposits or stains on teeth will be done through the dental exam which can eliminate germs and bacteria residing on teeth.

An Examination of the jaw and bite will be done as well.

Demonstrating proper cleaning methods for your dentures or teeth after the exam had been done.

For severe issues, taking dental x-rays is recommended.

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