As a business owner, there are certain aspects that you have to consider in order to be successful. In today’s technology-based world, staying up to date on the latest credit card processing options is one such aspect to consider. Gone are the days when the traditional credit card terminal is used. Today’s businesses are going virtual, using wireless credit/debit card processing systems in order to be able to complete transactions quickly and safely.

Merchant Account Solutions is a top provider of such POS machine systems, offering a wide variety of unit types that can be used to complete transactions within your business, all online. The Clover POS systems are a perfect example of what the company provides. With several unit types, Clover works to offer wireless payment options, helping consumers seamlessly pay while the business benefits from quick payments as well as additional unit features.

What is the Clover?

The Clover Station is one example of merchant account solutions provided by MAS. The Clover Station is a quality set-up, providing a full terminal for business transactions as well as additional features. Software and hardware combine to create a sleek design that provides the best way to complete payments as well as track inventory, run reports for daily activities, manage employee time as well as print any documents needed.

With this overall unit, your business will look sleek and up to date, providing quality payment options for consumers who use credit or debit cards, EVM chip cards, and touchless payment options. Each transaction is safe and secure so your customers can feel good about completing payments within your business.

Choose the Clover Station when you wish to have a complete unit or go for the smaller versions such as the Clover Mini or the Clover Mobile. MAS has thought of everything to offer every business owner a payment system that works, no matter the size or scale of the business.

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