For many years, people saw LinkedIn as a sort of exclusive club for high earning employees and CEOs. In truth it has never been like that but that was certainly the perception which many people had. These days there are more and more people with profiles on the social media site and there are now millions of members who use the site regularly.

I move in a lot of business circles and one thing that always surprises me when I speak with people who are looking to create a digital presence for their business, is that nobody talks about LinkedIn. For businesses, and especially business owners, LinkedIn is more important than Twitter and Facebook put together and we spoke with Blake Rubin Linkedin expert to find out exactly why that is.


One of the most popular uses of the social media site is the sharing of information and business owners can really learn a great deal about customer and market trends from the information and articles that are posted on the site. LinkedIn is filled with heavy influencers within the world of business and it is often these people who are calling the shots in terms of the current state of affairs in the business world. As a business owner it is important that you are always on the pulse with what is happening in your industry and LinkedIn is the place to find the most up to date information.

Find Employees

Should you be on the lookout for employees, LinkedIn will provide you with better and higher quality results than any jobs site will and you should be looking here first for that next great employee which you are looking for. A LinkedIn profile provides you with the only information which you will need about a person including their job history, comments from previous employers and a little bit about the person themselves.

Grow Your Brand

Many people fail to recognise the brand building opportunities which this social media channel can provide you and your business. Many people will use LinkeIn as a search engine when they are looking for products and services and you will be easily found on the social media channel if you have a solid brand image online. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date, packed with information about who you are and what you do in order to us it as a marketing tool

Find Clients

This social media site is about more than just finding employees and searching for fellow professionals, many people actually use it to enlist the help of businesses and you could find many new clients through having a simple profile on the website. You can even use LinkedIn to find new clients and partnerships if you actively engage with others on the social media site.

By all means use all aspect of social media to grow your business as well as connecting with people from other countries such as Spain if you speak Spanish, but do not forget the social media channel for professionals, LinkedIn.

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