There was a time when men who wore glasses were called nerds. Today, that is no longer the case. Many people swoon over Clark Kent and his glasses. And, the nerd stereotype is actually cool now. Glasses can make them look professional, smart and even like a superhero.

People are attracted to individuals who take pride in themselves, and glasses convey a determination about life. Here are more reasons why men should wear eyeglasses.

They Look Professional

There are many men’s eyeglass styles that just make them look more intelligent and professional. When you see someone wearing glasses, you immediately think they are a doctor, lawyer or scientist.

Look at those glasses, they must spend a majority of their time reading and studying. Perhaps they are researching a cure for AIDS or cancer–how admirable. On the other hand, maybe they are a doctor providing aid to people in third-world countries–amazing.

As you can see, all sorts of thoughts will run through people’s minds when they see a man wear glasses.

It Conveys Confidence

Many of us have less-than-perfect eyesight. Yet, sometimes we try to cover it up by wearing contact lenses or getting Lasik surgery. A man who wears glasses shows that he is confident in admitting his physical downfalls.

It doesn’t mean he can’t bench 300 lbs., it just means he needs help seeing the weights. There’s nothing wrong with that, and he’s not embarrassed to admit it. This takes confidence and an attitude of take me or leave me, but I’m keeping my eyeglasses.

A personality like that is quite attractive; he is not beholden to peer pressure or people’s opinions.

It Makes Them Seem Nice

Men who wear glasses are subconsciously thought of as being more perceptive and nice. Since they are publicly conveying their physical vulnerabilities, then they should be able to relate to others with health vulnerabilities as well, right?

And, nice doesn’t mean boring. You never know what’s hidden in those eyes, or what those eyes have seen. You might be looking at the next Bill Gates.

This person cares about seeing the world, and it shows. And, they probably are nice too.

They Frame the Windows to Their Soul

Glasses can put an emphasis on the eyes. If the man has long eyelashes, or beautiful eyes, glasses only emphasize that fact. Not to mention, some men are just so good looking that wearing glasses can help people take them more seriously than just making it all about their appearance.

This can be advantageous in the work place where they need to make presentations without people salivating over their looks. Still, glasses are quite sexy. When the man takes them off, you can’t help but stare into his eyes.

You sense he is showing his vulnerable side, and you just want to embrace him in a bevy of hugs. And, you can really see the windows to his soul. But, you’ll have to work for an invite first–many people find that intriguing.

In Conclusion

Men should never be afraid to wear eyeglasses. In fact, they should embrace it.

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