When it comes time for emerging businesses to sign up for a website and start building their online presence, often the first interface that will come to mind is WordPress. This is primarily owing to the simplicity and user-friendliness of the platform. It is also popular because it is flexible and can cater to anyone from a retailer, to a blogger, to a not-for-profit organization; over 70 million sites around the world are WordPress based. There are also many additional, technical features making it the go-to platform for new and millennial businesses.

WordPress offers a framework for growth and important tools in one cohesive place, with the capabilities of serving a large user base when it comes time for enterprises to expand. Because it has an open-source code, it gives administrators a great deal of freedom, control, and options for customization. This allows start ups to integrate their website with payment services, launch e-campaigns, and post videos along with other multimedia content to engage users – all using one interface. What’s more it can be accessed from a variety of devices as it is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, which is an attractive feature among young professionals.

For those with aspirations of managing multiple websites, say you’re a creative marketing firm that needs access to your clients’ pages easily, WordPress also offers multisite functionality. However, with this type of responsibility, it’s important to find the right web host. With Canadian web hosting providers like HostPapa, you receive WordPress ready hosting that is free with one click when you subscribe to any their plans – from starter to Business Pro. It enables you to install the interface of your choice with all the benefits of a powerful hosting entity backing you up. If you already have a webhost for your WordPress site, migration is free with no hidden set-up fees.

HostPapa provides consistent server monitoring so you can enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee – this means you won’t have to worry about your site(s) going down unexpectedly and negatively affecting your presence. Because their servers are low density as well, you will not be fooled into shared hosting by a company who has oversold their packages which happens all too often. As a top website builder in Canada they make it less stressful for new business to get up and running, providing them with comprehensive customer care resources like tutorials and videos, along with around-the-clock access to their PapaSquad support team. Moreover, they offer outstanding website security with state-of-the-art protection from malware and hackers with a Premium Wildcard SSL certificate and Domain Privacy protection.

Emerging enterprises want a package that gives them ease of access to their online activities without making website management complicated. By pairing WordPress with strong hosting solutions on the server’s end, your small business will have the features, scalability, and the support it needs to flourish. It’ll enable you to focus on your online strategy and fulfill business needs without becoming bogged down by technicalities that can slow your progress.

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