Engineering has recently become the most highly sought after choice amongst college students when it comes to selecting their major. This was a result that few expected given the current ‘fashion’ that surrounds entrepreneurship, business and computing. Despite this, it appears that many U.S. students are instead looking to become one of the world’s creators and embark upon a career in engineering.

For many years now, successful engineers such as Reddy Kancharla have been creating almost everything that you see around you and they have clearly inspired hundreds of thousands of people to follow in their footsteps. So what is it that makes this such an endearing career choice? Let’s take a look.


The turnover of engineering staff is very low amongst the big engineering companies and this can offer anyone who is looking to become an engineer, the chance to embark on a job which can give them the stability that they are looking for. There is very rarely an excess of engineers and more often than not the demand far outweighs the demand, this means that if if someone is looking to leave their position, they can usually find another with great ease.


Engineering is a career which is highly rewarding in many different ways, namely personally, professionally and financially. This level of personal and professional reward is doubtless something that is drawing so many students to engineering as a career. Working on a project and completing it as well as being able to actually see it in action is certainly rewarding and financially, engineering is one of the best paid jobs in the country. From a personal standpoint, the idea that you could be working at the cutting edge of technology and seeking for ways in which to improve the world, offers a great sense of reward.


Engineering gives anyone who is creative, the perfect outlet for them to let their creative juices run wild. Engineering exists for two main reasons, the first is that it seeks to fix problems that we have in the world, and the second is that it is constantly searching to better and to improve the world in which we live. Both of these aspects of engineering require a great amount of creativity and for this reason, many people are drawn to it as a career.


Engineering covers a wide spectrum of branches and disciplines and whilst many of the skills that one will learn as an engineer can be transferred from one branch to another, the specific skills which are required differ greatly. This means that no matter whether a student is interested in science, computing, aeronautics, architecture or the environment, they can specialise their learning and utilise this for one of the branches of engineering.

The all-inclusive and rewarding nature of a career such as engineering is by far and away the biggest reasons why so many are choosing it as a career, and this is a trend that looks set to continue.

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