The price of cigarettes in the UK has doubled in the last ten years and almost quadrupled in two decades. Today, you cannot legally get a pack of cigarettes for less than £8.82. As per Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association, the price is £10.26 if you buy a pack of premium cigarettes. For pack-a-day smokers, it essentially means spending more than £60 every week when the average gross weekly earning for full-time employment is £539.

However, the positive reality of the UK in 2017 is that smoking rates are continuously falling, showing a sharp decline since the official prohibition of smoking in almost all enclosed spaces in Britain. Statistically, 2016 wintnessed 15.8% of British people smoking, a reduction from 17.2% in 2015, as recorded by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). More disturbingly, one in every ten deaths worldwide is due to smoking.

All the factors detailed above have combined to lessen the number of smokers in the UK by half a million than in 2015, making it Europe’s second-lowest smoking rate after Sweden. The decline is greater among teenagers and young adults (aged 18 to 24) whose cigarette consumption has  fallen from 26.1 in 2010 to a shrinking 19%, reversing a long-established trend.

The aspects discussed above also assisted the rapid boom of vaping, which is an act of inhaling/exhaling the liquid vapor produced by an electronic device called vaporiser. At the time of writing, there are about 23 million people using ENDS – electronic nicotine delivery systems in the UK.

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Vaping is astonishingly so much cheaper compared to smoking. Your starter kit would cost you somewhere between £14.99 and £44.99, depending on your preferences. After that you will just need to buy e-liquid and replacement parts as and when you need them.

A cigarette smoker who smokes around 20 cigarettes a day will spend around £60 a week (based on an average £8.82 a pack). Comparatively, an average vaper will pay a around £5 a week. That means over £2,000 a year is saved!

Here is how we have arrived at a figure of around £5 a week:

  • £155 for a year’s liquid (a bottle a week).
  • £72 for a year’s clearomisers (2 per month).
  • £20 for a year’s batteries (2 replacement 900mah batteries).
  • A total of £247 for a year results in a £4.75 average every week.

Therefore, even if you spent twice as much on vaping supplies you would still only be paying a small portion of money compared to what you’d spend if you smoked cigarettes.


The appeal of vaping is not limited due to the slick vaping supplies and many types of smoking pleasures they deliver. A critical factor is affordability of the habit compared to the astonishing prices of conventional cigarettes.

Therefore, if you want to be thrifty with your vaping habit then refilling your cartomiser with smartly chosen e-liquid is the way to go – 10ml of e-juice holds around 37 to 42 drops which is sufficient to fill a standard e-cig tank. As people have different smoking styles, it is hard to get a precise figure on how many cigarettes equate to 10ml of e-liquid. Nonetheless, combined data from the vaping community reveals that a pack of 20 cigarettes is equal to about 2ml of e-liquid.

Consequently, a 10ml bottle would equal five packs, a 15ml bottle equals seven and a half packs, a 30ml bottle should considerably be the same as fifteen packs and a 50ml bottle is good for twenty-five packs.

Now let’s compare the cost of e-liquid versus commercially-rolled cigarettes.

The average price of a pack of cigarettes in the United Kingdom ranges between £8.82 and £10.26. While:

  • A 10ml bottle would typically cost £3, so a pack of smokes is around £80 in e-cig vapor.
  • A 15ml bottle that sells for £8 equals £77 per pack.
  • A 30ml bottle priced at £15 is equivalent to £72 per pack.
  • Order a 50ml bottle for £23 and your pack-a-day habit will cost you only 67 pence!

Even if you habitually take long, deep puffs from your vaporiser you could still joyfully save close to £2,000 per year!

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