With today’s current administration putting so much focus on the task of finding jobs for all Americans, it can seem like this is a good time to look for a new job. The number of jobs being created is up, there is a positivity in the air – and hope. The unemployment level is the lowest it has been in years, which is causing plenty of buzz. Of course, with that said, times are still very tough for many who are looking for a job.

If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a law degree but you want to be sure that guarantees you’ll be able to find employment once you graduate, it would be well worth your time to do a little research first. While the overall job outlook may be up, that’s too broad of a picture to rely on and narrowing it down to a specific field is the smarter way to go about it.

So, what is the job outlook for those with a law degree? Here’s a closer look.

Growth is Happening

Anyone who has been eyeing a law degree will breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the current numbers released by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job of a lawyer is enjoying 9% growth from 2016-2026, which is on par with the national average for all types of occupations. What this means is that the field isn’t expected to shrink, so there should be jobs out there.

Along with the growth rate, the BLS also released statistics on the average national salary of a lawyer in 2016, which was $118,160 or $56.81 per hour.

If you haven’t yet enrolled in a law degree program, you may want to look into non-Ivy League schools such as SDSU Law School, which boasts the highest number of judicial clerkships in the nation. Opting for an online education allows you to complete the program that much faster and spend less money, so you can take advantage of the current growth trend.

Where Can You Expect to Work?

Knowing that growth is happening is only half the battle. It’s also important to know where this growth is taking place. Lawyers typically work in corporate or private legal companies. There are also positions in various levels of the government. As a lawyer, you can expect to put in long hours as many of them work more than the typical 40 hours a week.

Be Prepared for a Competitive Field

It’s also important to note that as more students graduate from law school, the job market will become much more competitive. There are definite signs of this starting to happen, so this could affect how quickly you are able to find work. Sometimes, it can be helpful to specialize in a particular area of law so then you have more of a niche.

A Sound Choice

At the end of the day, choosing to get a law degree will allow you to find employment in a field that has steady growth and is hiring; it’s just a matter of how fast you can find a job.

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