Microsoft is updating its Windows 10 on a regular basis. Windows users can expect new features when Windows 10 Fall Creators gets released in the coming few days. Creators Update comes with new features and functionality to enhance creative performance for users. If you are a creator then this article gives you insights on what to expect when new features are rolled out.  The following are expected new creative features:

New story remix

The story remix when it was initially released it was intended to be user-friendly in creating a video production. This feature aims at mix photos and videos and also allows users to create 3D animations and captioning effects. It is reported that the feature will now come as a Windows 10 Photo App and could be available in Windows App Store. Popular iGaming affiliates such as Australian pokies online have already incorporated some of these features on their site. The app will automatically create edited photos and videos. Windows Ink will enable you to draw or write on the photo or video.

Best Fluent Design

The tech giant improved some design graphics rolling out “Fluent Design”. As the name implies, it is expected to have better design languages than the previous “Project Neon” which is being replaced. Fluent Design consists of animations, Acrylic and design language with ink, touch, gaze, voice, and gesture controls.  It also comes with five design additions such as light, motion, depth, scale, and material.

The updates will also bring changes to some of the Windows 10 popular apps like a calculator. Microsoft is trying to improve its graphical user interface which will be compatible with all Windows devices including tablets and phones that are mostly used for online gambling. Moreover, Fluent Design improved its motion design and users can bring experiences to life in a better and easier way.

Some of the new features include My People, Linking your phone to Windows 10, and Windows Defender among others.

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