If you’re finally thinking about upgrading to the future of television viewing by investing in a Smart TV, you must keep reading to get the full use out of your smart box. Smart TV’s venture out far beyond traditional television viewing with a host of various apps to communicate laterally, horizontally and just about any which way in the new age of innovation and information.

Traditional televisions are flat in terms of their viewing capability. Most users limit their televisions viewing capability to standard television programming, video content through USB and DVD video. New age television extend far beyond the norm, with most users unaware of the power a smart TV holds.

These diverse features and helpful apps will delight users with a new smart TV. The following is a guide to getting the best experience and full functionality from a smart TV. Don’t get stuck in the dark, keep up with the times and unravel what’s in the box.

Get Into Video Streaming 

Smart TV’s are called smart because they have smart capabilities, which allows them to connect and communicate with the Internet and thus the world around us. One of the best features in a smart TV is the ability to stream content or to play the pokies New Zealand has to offer.

Yes, smart TV’s can play all kinds of media and keep your programming life like in full HD or 4K, but normal programming can run dry on the best of days. There are a wide variety of apps available for smart TV’s to stream video content at any given time.

It’s television on demand and even though you can download the apps for free, users should be aware that most of these services require a subscription fee but it’s mostly minimal. If you’re looking for the best streaming apps try Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO or Amazon Instant for an all-round entertainment experience.

Keep It Social On The Big Screen 

Social media has become our informant on the world around us. On average most people check their social media three to five times daily, maybe more depending on how dependent you are on the likes of Facebook.

Your new smart TV extends itself into the digital realm and now you can stay connected to your favourite social media platforms from your television. Your smart TV can connect to social realms such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and more, allowing you to keep in touch from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

It’s All About The Audio 

Smart TV’s aren’t just for viewing the finest video content or finding out what your favorite football team is up to, smart TV owners seldom consider the built in high end audio devices that come standard with most smart televisions.

You may have even picked up a shiny new sound bar with your smart TV, if you are considering using your smart TV for the latest beats the man you should consider downloading Spotify’s radio service which is free. If you any access to the entire library, that’s available too, for a monthly instalment fee.

Battle The Bulge With Your TV 

Technology has infiltrated just about every industry in the world. New age gyms have even managed to decrease their running overheads by exploring new avenues of training, with technology. Some modern gyms have eliminated floor trainers and instead have made use of smart TV functionality to bring their members a variance in the training realm.

Smart TV owners can take advantage of fitness apps and turn their living room into a diverse home gym with tons of content to keep you fighting the bulge. You can opt for apps like Fitness VOD, Check Body, Yoga TV, DailyBurn and even YouTube fitness videos.

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